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With a Postpartum Doula there is...

* Less risk of you to have postpartum depression

* Greater success with breastfeeding because of the support

* More confidence in your ability to parent with lots of early successes

* Reduced anxiety for you and for your baby!

This of course all means different things to different people.  I feel it is my job to support you the best that I can to make this the most wonderful experience possible!

What are the benefits of employing a Doula? 

There are many studies that give statistical information as to why a doula may be beneficial.  The short version is this...

With a Birth Doula there is...

* A signifigant decrease in the need for you to have a C-Sections
* You may have a shorter labour
* A decrease in the need for labour inducing drugs, and narcotics for pain
* A decrease in the need for assistance during labour (i.e. forceps or vacuum)
* A decrease in the requests for epidurals

* All of this equals better outcomes for the baby and for YOU

What is a Doula?

Mother to mother...

A Doula is a someone experienced in childbirth who can provide support, both emotionally and physically to a mother, father or other supporters during pregnancy, labour, and afterward.  I can provide information on many areas of the process and help you feel in control of your birth experience.